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Bihari Pua

Pua / Bihari Pua

Malpua  is a simple yet tongue tickling  and rich dessert. It is the  most mouthwatering dessert served during festivals and  marriages. It can also be called pancakes as they look alike and the ingredients are quite same. But Malpua are rich in look and delicious to eat.   Malpuas are made by crushing / mashing […]

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Egg less Chocolate Banana Cake

  What you do with over ripe bananas ?? This is really a question to ask ? There are many ways in which you can use your over ripe bananas. few used them in face mask or hair mask, few used them in pancakes and few freeze them for later use. but what about a […]

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Eggless Cumin Cookies

  Egg less jeera cookies a.k.a Indian style Cumin cookies are simply perfect with a cup of tea/coffee. These cookies are salty ,slightly sweet in taste and loaded with roasted Jeera flavor. Perfect buttery and in each bite you will get a crisp flavor of cumin seeds.   This is a perfect recipe for beginners.  […]

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Andhra style mango pickle

Avakaya / Andhra Mango pickle

With summer, Mangoes are back in season. There is not much to like about summer except mangoes. We all love summer only for mangoes, isn’t it? When raw mangoes are in season, it is must for us to make pickle so that we can relish these throughout the year.   Last year I prepared 4 […]

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Quick strawberry lassi

Strawberry Lassi

  Happy Summer everyone !! As summer is on peak, we really need chilled beverages to refresh ourselves. The heat is becoming unbearable and the hot wind is disturbing like hell. It is very important to keep our body chilled and maintain a good body temperature. dont depend on chilled beverages,  there are many water […]

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Basic eggless vanilla cake

Eggless Basic Vanilla Cake

  You must have heard about many types of vanilla cake. Even I have already shared a lot of variety of cakes in my blog before. Vanilla cakes are obvious the basic cakes . They can be modified the way you want them to be. Here are few examples of vanilla cakes. Cherry cupcakes, Dimpled […]

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whole wheat coconut cookies

Ata Coconut Cookies

  We all love cookies, isn’t it? We got many varieties of cookies in market. I remember when I was a kid, whenever I go to Bakery and always pick 7 to 8 packet of cookies. My mum always asked me what will you do with lot of cookies and I simply smile and purchase […]

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dahi parwel

Dahi Parwel Dolma

  Pointed Gourd is otherwise known as Parwel and we call it as potal (in odiya). Pointed gourd is a must bring vegetable when in season. Except winter, it is available throughout the year.     In odiya cuisine there are a lot of dishes that can be made using parwel, starting from curries & […]

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