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Dhokla is a nutritious Indian food,from the state of gujarat. Dhokla is full of protein and makes a complete meal. In gujurat ,dhokla is served as a breakfast or as a main meal or as a snack. Dhokla  is found in sweet shop as a snacks,they served it with some chutney. dhokla is also available […]

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chom chom

Chom chom

chom chom is a sweet dish from bengol. Its juicy and very delicious. Chom chom is usually prepared from Indian cottage cheese called chenna. Its cooked in light sugar syrup, and cooked until sugar syrup thickens and coats the cottage cheese balls. Normally  its served in three ways.after taking out from sugar syrup it can […]

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  Gram flour is also called Besan. This dumpling idea comes to mind when my mother in law prepared dhoka er dalna.dhoka is preapared by chana dal paste ,mixed with bhaja masala and steamed,then cutted into pieces and deep fried.i thought to make from gram flour when my hubby wanted to eat dhokaer dalan but […]

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        Mango is the king of fruits and I just love mangoes. many versatile desserts can be made using mangoes. I can eat these in any form. I know mangoes are universal favorite fruit.  After successful attempt to my mango cake , thought to try a cup cake version. This cupcake is […]

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hassel free mango icecream

    Mango icecream is absolutely  delicious and lip smacking. Those who love to have icecream they will definitely love to have this.. Mango icecream can be prepared in many ways, some are adding condense milk to make it more delivery.check my delicious.I ve prepared another type of icecream with milk check my  mango icecream […]

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pineapple Kesari

  Rawa kesrai is a well known sweet dish from South India. This is very similar to sooji ka halwa . The only difference is they never add oil in kesari , but use  ghee instead. This is a dish which can’t be missed from their auspicious menu. Even they have it regularly in their […]

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stuffed buns

This is my no fail receipe.thees are soft and fluffy  buns.I stuffed it with mashroom but it can be replaced with any of favourite stuffing.. INGREDIENTS :: All purpose flour               3cups Instant yeast                      3 & 1/4tsp Whey   […]

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Spinach corn oat appe

Spinach is a good source of iron.. And normally kids doesn’t want to have this.. There are few ways to make the spinach a tasty dish. Here is my version of one dish.. The non appe user may deep fry this.. Ingredients :: potatoes                       […]

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