Thandai phirni

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Phirni is a north Indian delicious dessert. It’s the most scrumptious dessert. It is a popular and tantalizing dessert among all. Rice is the main ingredient in phirni. A well made phirni will always highlight the texture of rice & then the other ingredients.

Some believed Phirni came into existence during Mughal era as it is a royal dessert. Phirni is not only a Indian dessert but it is famous in some part of Pakistan .

It tastes best when it is settled and served in earthen pot. I can’t forget the moment when I made Phirni for the first time, and the earthen pot that holds the delicious rice pudding, that was looking absolutely beautiful.



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This phirni is not only a rice pudding, this carries the delicious flavor of Thandai.Thandai is a coolant. It is called so because it has the balance of milk, nuts and spices. It balances the heat in the body during summer, so  It can be called a refreshing indian cool drink.

Thandai masala is made of nuts, fennel seeds, sugar, saffron, spices and carries a  flavor of cardamom ,saffron & rose petals. It has its own significant flavor. Phirni is very pleasing , further it is enhanced by adding thandai powder which makes the dessert royal and flavorable. So this phirni is going to be a most delicious phirni.



Full fat milk – 1 liter

Basmati rice – 100 gram

Sugar – ½ cup

Thandai powder/masala – 2 ½ tbsp

Cardamom – 2 pods

Rose water – 1/8th tsp

Saffron- few strands




Wash and soak the rice in a cup of water for 20 minutes.

After soaking, strain the rice and spread it on a kitchen towel .

Let the towel absorb all the water. We need only dry rice grains.

Take the rice in a grinding jar, coarsely grind it and make sooji like powder.

Take out the pods from cardamom ,then powder it.

Soak the saffron in warm milk for 10 minutes.


Now boil milk in a heavy bottom pan, after first boil simmer it and let it boil for 10 minutes.

Add saffron soaked in warm milk , mix once.

Add rice flour gradually, in other hand mix it with milk otherwise it will create lumps.

Lumps in phirni will not taste good, so stirring is very very important here.

You may need someone’s help, who will sprinkle rice flour on the milk.

stir the milk and mix rice flour with milk.

­­­­­­add thandai masala & cardamom powder.

Don’t leave the phirni now. Stir continuously till the phirni thicken.

Add sugar and rose water. After adding sugar phirni will liquidize so mix for 3-4 minutes till it becomes thick.

Transfer this prepared phirni to individual earthen pot and let it be set.

It tastes best whet served chill.

At the time of serving, sprinkle chopped nuts .


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