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    Since childhood I love wood apple . wood apple or bael fruit is very healthy and carries many health benefit. Bael tree is available almost in every houses in India. I remember when I was in school , we owned a  bael tree , which provides many bael fruits in summer. At afternoon […]

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Woodapple Icecream/ Bael Icecream

  Icecream is the universal favorite dessert. There is nothing like the cold, creamy tastes in hot days of summer. Is there anything more essential to summer than homemade ice cream ? In summer ice-cream is the perfect cool treat to help you beat the heat . It’s our family’s favorite summer treat and why […]

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Woodapple serbat/woodapple panna/ bel panna/ bela pana

Happy Odiya new year to all the odiya people or Subha Nua Barsa. This is the famous day of odisha , popularly celebrated as Pana Sankranti or Maha Vishubha Sankranti… It is the first day of the month of Baisakha as well as the solar year. This is the day we celebrate as Hanuman Jayanti […]

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