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Sweet Apple Tarts

  Carbohydrate or carb is a major macronutrient and one of our body’s primary source energy. Carbs are an energy source in food that comes from stratch, sugar and cellulose.     Complex carbohydrates are found in foods such as peas, beans, whole grains, and vegetables. Both simple and complex carbohydrates are turned to glucose […]

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Cottage Cheese Pattie In Spinach Wrap

  Among the world’s healthiest vegetables, spinach comes at the top, because of its nutrient richness . The bright, vibrant looking spinach leaves are more nourishing and  a source of vitamins , minerals to the body. Spinach leaves are very appealing to eyes . the delicate and alive spinach leaves look very beautiful when they […]

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Whole wheat walnut cake

  Good eating habits are the key in maintaining and improving our health . Of course, staying active plays an important role in our life, but eating the wrong kind or quantity of food could jeopardize our health. Therefore, having good eating habits are far more important than just staying active to maintain a healthy lifestyle. […]

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Healthy whole wheat oat malpuas

  This is the time of navratri. And all are busy in making dessert at home. when its time of festivals ,desserts  banana to banta hai … In this navratri ,Making the desserts little healthy, i am presenting healthy and easy malpuas. yes ,malpuas can also be healthy..specially when it’s made from whole wheat and […]

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