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Watermelon Uthappam

  You know why raw veggies and fruits are so essential for our body , because few vitamins are only found in living things, like plants and animals. Human body can not manufacture or synthesize vitamins.Few believe that vitamins can replace food, but that’s not true. Vitamins must be supplied in our body through  diet […]

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Virgin Watermelon mojito

    The season of watermelon is about to end. Before the season ends lets enjoy the heavenly watermelon mojito.  usually mojito is prepared with alcohol but here we are using sprite instead of alcohol. Sprite also can be replaced with club soda or 7up.  The quick making virgin watermelon mojito is an interesting beverage […]

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No Bake Watermelon CupCakes

Summer is at the doorstep and  kids are out of the school. Summer can be crazy and exhausting .But you can make the summer interesting and preserve some good memories of childhood. It is the great time to help   children learn new things. Children also thrive on opportunity to try new things. Today I am […]

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The watermelon has a sweet refreshing flavor. The most interesting fact about watermelon is ,it is considered as both fruit and vegetable. Fruit because it  grows from a seed and vegetable because it is a member of the same family as cucumber , pumpkin  and squash.     The high water and electrolyte content watermelon, […]

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