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pineapple mojito

Virgin Pineapple Mojito

  Hello all. I know I am writing a post after a long gap. First time I am facing the heat of Tamilnadu, it’s so hot. Even I want to take a long gap till the heat is reduced a bit. It’s really irritable. Kid’s vacations are also going on, they make summer even funnier. […]

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pineapple jam

Pineapple Jam

  When life gives you a pineapple which is sweet then what will you do??? I personally don’t like to have pineapple in raw form or salad form. I always try to make something special whenever I buy pineapple from market. Like I made pineapple sheera, pineapple sweet rice and pineapple matter pulao before.    […]

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pina colada


    The sun is shining , heat is raising and humidity is almost getting unbearable. In this high heat keeping your body  cool is very important. All you need is a refreshing chilled beverage to beat the heat and recharge yourself. Heat can be killer if you are not careful and stays cool.   […]

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