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ATAYEF / Qatayef / Katayef

  Ramdan is not a day , it’s a holy month. It is the 9th month of Hijra calendar i.e. Islamic junar calender. Ramdan is believed to be the  month , when the Qur’an was gifted from heaven serving as guidance for all people, a means of salivation & declaration of direction. Every year, Muslims  […]

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Paneer Tikka Kathi Roll

The summer is everywhere with full bloom, but in our place,being an hilly area, we can still feel little relief with a slight low temp between 30-35 degree at peak hours. The weather is perfect to go for a picnic and enjoy the blast of beautiful nature. I am bursting with many food ideas ,those […]

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Nutella cottage cheese peda

Deewali is a festival of lights…full of masti at home..houses are filled with candles everywhere and of course lot of deewali snacks and desserts. Do you Love sondesh !!! Then you will definitely love this one …sondesh  is a delicious sweet dish from bengal .These sondesh can be shaped into various types and can be […]

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Bread and Paneer ke Gulabjamun

Gulabjamun is a mouthwatering and yummy sweat dish..its a finger licking and juicy dessert…     Generally Gulabjamun is made of khoya and all purpose flour ,kneaded into a soft dough then shaped into round balls and deep fried till brown. I prepared these droolworthy gulabjamun using bread and cottage cheese..     This is […]

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Paneer Masala

  Butter masala dishes are originated from Punjab and its most popular recipes among all the cuisines of India. Paneer butter masala in all forms are almost a national favorite dish. Its the perfect combination of spices & creaminess. The rich creamy,buttery taste make this curry versatile. but this curry is quiye different..Paneer  masala is […]

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  INGREDIENTS: Full fat milk                                 1litre 2.Lemon juice                                 2tbsp 3.Yellow food colour                      1drop […]

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