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eggless cake

Eggless Lemon Custard cake

      Who loves oranges like me. orange is a wonder fruit, isn’t it ? The colour and its natural citrusy  flavor is heavenly. Since childhood we love oranges. Who remember peeling up the skin and gulping up one by one slices of oranges ? Me too love the aroma when mum was squeezing […]

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Eggless Orange cake

    Have you heard about cake made of orange juice. Few people know about orange cake and some may make simple vanilla cake or chocolate cake by adding orange juice. The divine taste and aroma of orange juice  makes everything extraordinary.     Last year I made orange cupcakes , that too without adding […]

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    Since childhood I love wood apple . wood apple or bael fruit is very healthy and carries many health benefit. Bael tree is available almost in every houses in India. I remember when I was in school , we owned a  bael tree , which provides many bael fruits in summer. At afternoon […]

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Sunshine mocktail

        Its summer time and temperature is raising !! As the temperature is high it is very important to keep our body hydrated. Who love summer mocktail after finishing breakfast, I do !! especially when the mocktail made from fresh orange juice and flavored with ginger. Wonderfully refreshing !!! Named it sunshine, […]

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Orange & White chocolate Mousse

    The combination of chocolate and orange are divine. Whether it is dark chocolate or white, the result in unforgettable. It’s a sinful treat for chocolate lover. Rich, boozy and ultimately satisfying . Its a classic combination To make it more classy I used here orange reduction and skip adding orange zest. The most peaceful […]

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Eggless creme caramel with orange flavour

EGGLESS CRÈME CARAMEL A creamy and scrumptious dessert is very satisfying . I am introducing the rich , silky and creamy dessert made with caramelized sugar and cream. Its the best holiday dessert I have ever tasted. As the name says its creme caramel, so the dessert is all about caramelizing. This is the Christmas time and all […]

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Eggless Orange cupcakes

  Orange is filled of vitamin c, has a lovely aroma and taste too. Add orange juice to any cake it ll enhance the taste..     INGREDIENTS :: 1. All purpose Flour                1cup 2. Baking powder                    1/2tsp 3. […]

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