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pineapple mojito

Virgin Pineapple Mojito

  Hello all. I know I am writing a post after a long gap. First time I am facing the heat of Tamilnadu, it’s so hot. Even I want to take a long gap till the heat is reduced a bit. It’s really irritable. Kid’s vacations are also going on, they make summer even funnier. […]

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Kiwi Agua Fresca

    The month of  February is almost over. By this time we should feel cold but it’s hotter than previous year. The summer has arrived earlier than expected. The same heat with lot of Humidity.     Lot of fresh fruits are available at market. It’s better to have fruits in raw form instead […]

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Virgin kiwi mojito

    Shifting to a new place and to settle down there isn’t easy. But we are habituated and had no other option but to go through it. I didn’t want to leave the blogging world completely so I continued posting the recipe which I had cooked previously.     After coming to Tamilnadu ,I […]

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Virgin Watermelon mojito

    The season of watermelon is about to end. Before the season ends lets enjoy the heavenly watermelon mojito.  usually mojito is prepared with alcohol but here we are using sprite instead of alcohol. Sprite also can be replaced with club soda or 7up.  The quick making virgin watermelon mojito is an interesting beverage […]

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    Since childhood I love wood apple . wood apple or bael fruit is very healthy and carries many health benefit. Bael tree is available almost in every houses in India. I remember when I was in school , we owned a  bael tree , which provides many bael fruits in summer. At afternoon […]

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Kiwi Lemonade

  Summer is going on with full bloom , heat is everywhere .  Need some refreshing drink for chilling ?? Then it’s the perfect one. Kiwi lemonade is refreshing and perfect thirst quencher.Its  sweet and mildly sour. You know, nothing can beat the old glass of lemonade. Its cool and totally refreshing !!! i avoid […]

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2016-03-04 21.49.57

Virgin Mojito

https://<center> <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=” photo 2016-03-04 21.49.03_zpsvxyuxnf6.png”/></a> </center> As the summer is here, everyone need some chilled mocktails/ cocktails to refresh body & mind. Mojito is normally coming under cocktails, which contains Alcohol. MOjito is a Alcohol based drink, which involves Rum , Mint leaves, Lemon, sugar and lot of crushed ice […]

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Hibiscus is well known as a traditional medicine since ancient days. I am sure everyone must be familiar with Hibiscus , as the flower is used in making many ayurvedic medicines , cocktails and tea. The various parts of the plant are also used in making Jams, Soups , Sauces.     The popularly known […]

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