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Chilli Chicken

    Chilli chicken Is a popular Indo-Chinese dish. Quite simple and easy to involve few simple steps and took very less time to prepare. Mainly boneless chicken pieces is used in this dish but boned chicken pieces also can be used.    I wanted to prepare this dish from a long time. This […]

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Rajma Chawal Arancini

33rd foodie Monday blog hop, and this time the theme is very simple , Rice theme. I choose a very delicious snack dish, Arancini, which is extremely  melt in mouth type. Arancini is a delicious snack influenced from the Arancini-di-riso recipe.   These  rice balls are stuffed with cheese or jam or any other sauce […]

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Kachories are crispy textured, deep fried savory pastry filled with spicy green peas.. Kachories, the name itself brings water in mouth. The crispy, flaky, deep fried snack which is admired  best street food among all. Kachories are also known as Kachodi or Katchuri or Kachauri depending on the region. These are best as evening snack […]

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Mirch Bhaji

MIRCH BHAJI It is also called Mirch ka pakoda, stuffed pepper, bhareli mirch bhaji .Mich bhaji, is a deep fried snack item. Long green chillies are deep fried coated with besan batter with some stuffing inside .it is really a tasty, delicious recipe,which can  be prepared in many ways. It is prepared in different parts […]

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