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carrot kalakand

Carrot Kalakand

  Kalakand is no doubt an ultimate soul satisfying dessert. This is a well known dessert throughout India. This is also known as milk cake as it is made out of cottage cheese a.k.a chenna, which is collected from curdled milk.  wherever you go,Kalakand can be found with each and every sweet vendor of our […]

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rawa idli

Tricolor Instant Idli

  Happy Republic day all of you. As you all know, India is celebrating its  68th Republic day  . It is celebrated in India with great honor on 26th January every year. It is on this date in 1950, the Constitution of India came into force and made India a Democratic Republic country. Republic Day […]

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caoot kheer or carrot payasam

Carrot Kheer / Carrot Payasam

  Navratri is a significant Hindu festival which is observed for 9  nights and 10 days.During Navratri nine forms of goddess Durga are worshiped. Maha sasthi is the 6th day of devi pakhsha and marked the formal beginning of Durga puja in Bengol. Bengolies belive that on the 6th  day Uma ( godess durga) who […]

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2016-03-10 21.09.43_wm

Coconut pulao / coconut rice

This is the easiest and yummiest coconut pulao ever. Coconut pulao is very popular in southern part of India. They make coconut pulao on regular of my friends, who is staying at Chennai told me they use cooked rice or leftover rice and grated coconut to make this pulao. And in our state people […]

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Gajar ka Halwa / Gajrela / Carrot Halwa

Carrot halwa is also known as Gajrela. Its simply a irresistable & delicious dessert among all Indian desserts. It is not less than a treat.. carrot halwa is made across  India for all the occasions and festivals.It is a traditional halwa from the lap of Punjab. This halwa carries a lot of ghee, mawa & […]

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