Strawberry mousse

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If you love mousse then I bet, you will definitely love strawberry mousse. This time I used Amul fresh cream, which is easily available in market. And china grass strands, which is also prettily available. I love all type of mousse, when got some strawberry thought to make mousse first.

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Strawberry puree- ½ cup

Amul fresh cream – 1cup

Sugar – 3-4 tbsp

China grass – 2 strings

Water – 2 tbsp


Cut the china grass strings into small pieces and soak in warm water for 15 minutes.

Transfer the bowl to gas flame, stir continuously with a spoon so that china grass strings will melt completely.

Switch off the flame. Keep it aside.

Wash and grind strawberry with sugar, keep aside.

Take the fresh cream in a bowl and Whip it well.

Add strawberry puree and beat it and mix.

Add melted china grass to this mixture and beat it for 20 seconds.

Pour this mixture into individual glasses and keep it in refrigerate for 3-4 hour, till it set.

At the time of serving I put some beetroot jam and some slice of strawberry to decorate.

Enjoy !!!!

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