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Eggless Chocolate mousse

eggless chocolate mousse

We all are very aware about mousse. Mousse means foam in french. Mousse is thick , creamy ,light and fluffy. It is incorporated with air and become light and airy. The fluffiness come from whipped cream or egg white used in this. The mousse is stabilized with gelatine or china grass. Mousse can be of various type, I mean sweet or savoury. Mousse can be flavoured with chocolate or coffee or fruit pulp . savoury mousse can be flavoured with various herbs ,mint or spices.


eggless chocolate mousse


Chocolate mousse is of course a foamy dessert. In chocolate mousse of course chocolate is an essential ingredient where foaminess comes from the whipped cream or egg white. First of all the egg white is whipped  till it become airy , and foamy then it is folded with melted chocolate which gives a fluffiest texture to the  mousse.


eggless chocolate mousse


The chocolate  mousse recipe I am sharing here is absolutely gelatine free. I didn’t use any stabilizer here. I used dark chocolate but white chocolate can be used. It’s completely egg free . so don’t be late to try this one and leave your feed back. I know it is full proof recipe and you gonna love it with your first bite.


eggless chocolate mousse


This is a quick and fuss free recipe  but the only difficult part is melting chocolate. But if you are done melting chocolate before then you can make it within one hour. You can serve your guest and receive their compliments. They will be surprised knowing that it’s absolutely eggless and hassle free.


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Eggless Dark chocolate Mousse
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
medium glasses
Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
medium glasses
  1. Place the beater and metal bowl in freeze for 20 minutes.
  2. Chop the chocolate coarsely and place them in a microwave safe bowl.
  3. Add oil and microwave it for 40 seconds on high power.
  4. Take out the bowl and stir a little.
  5. Again microwave it for 30 seconds on high power.
  6. Take the bowl out and stir continuously with a clean spoon till the chocolate melt completely.
  7. Start whipping cream with pinch of salt on high speed till the cream form soft peak.
  8. Add the melted chocolate with the cream and fold carefully.
  9. Divide the mousse between glasses and chill for few hours.
  10. You can garnish with cherry or sprinklers or unsweetened cocoa powder.
  11. Serve chilled.
Recipe Notes
  • Instead of dark chocolate, white chocolate can be used.
  • My whipping cream is already sweet so I didn’t add sugar.
  • You can add 2 tbsp of sugar while beating cream.
  • Salt can be ignored but it gives an excellent taste.
  • The mousse can be kept in refregerate for one hour if you set the tempeture to high.





Cooking is my passion.i love to play with myriad tastes of spices . I belong to a odiya family by birth but marriade to a bengoli person.the crash of cultures between two families induced me to cook innovatively so as to make everyone happy.

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