Chicken Rasheela
Servings Prep Time
6 serving 1hour
Cook Time
Servings Prep Time
6 serving 1hour
Cook Time
For gravy ::
Masala to be powdered::
  1. Wash chicken pieces and strain all the water .
  2. To the chicken pieces add all the ingredients listed under marination .
  3. Mix well and leave it for an hour .
  4. Before you prepare gravy, finely slice the onion, make a paste of tomato and set aside.
  5. Warm up the whole spices , blend in a mixie, make fine powder.
  6. Heat oil in a kadhai .when oil comes to smoky hot , add onion slices and fry till the onion turns into golden brown in colour.
  7. Keep some brown onion for garnishing, add ginger garlic paste to the remaing onions .
  8. Add salt & turmeric , Fry till the raw smell of masala vanishes.
  9. Add chicken pieces along with the marinade.
  10. Fry the chicken with masala in high flame till all the water evaporate from the chicken pieces , and pieces turn brown in colour. stir occasionally.
  11. It may takes 5-7 minutes. But this step is very important.
  12. Then reduce the flame to medium, add tomato paste, along with chili powder.
  13. Cook till the masala leaves oil.
  14. Add powdered masala and continuously cook for another 2 minutes by stirring continuously.
  15. Add 2 cups of warm water , stir the chicken once, cover with a lid.
  16. Add more water if required.
  17. Cook till the chicken pieces turns tender.
  18. Adjust the seasoning and water quantity as per your choice .
  19. Add sugar and switch off the flame.
  20. Its done now.
  21. Add golden fried onions and serve hot.
  22. You can serve it with rice or pulao or paratha.
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chicken rasheela


chicken Rasheela

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