No Bake Thandai Cheesecake

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one more day for Holi. And we all are ready to welcome the festival of colour.  It’s celebrated all over india, and in some parts of Nepal. Being the major and vibrant festival among all , Holi is the festival of colour and is the best occasion for showing love to each other. Also it gives the message of friendship & goodwill.


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It is the happiest and most colourful festival of Hindus,though this festival has gained acceptance among non- hindus also.It is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra. With the advent of Spring,the beauty of the nature makes the festival more colourful.

Holi is celebrated with extreme enthusiasm & joy. It is filled with fun and frolic. The holi festival is celebrated for two days, the first day is celebrated as choti holi which is known as Holika Dahan and the  second day is known as Holi which is called Rangwali Holi.


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On Holi people sprinkle colour on each other and smear their face with coloured powder. Forgetting social discrimination, people enjoy the festival with joy and happiness. After playing Holi they gather at one place to celebrate the occasion with delicious homemade sweets and snacks.

Holi is incomplete without Thandai. Thandai is a coolant which gives instant energy. Using the thandai masala powder I made this thandai cheesecake to cheer the festival mood. It’s a no bake cold dessert 


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Cheesecake is a beloved dessert around the world. It is believed to be originated in Greece , but famous in Newyork. Well, each region of the world has its own take on the best way to make this delicious dessert.

No matter how you make it, how you cut and how you serve it, cheesecake is truly a dessert that has stood the test of time and it will remain favorite for ages.


For base ::

Marigold biscuit crumb / digestive biscuit crumb – 1 & ½ cup

Melted butter – 8 to 9 tbsp

Top layer ::

Cream – 200 ml

(I took amul)

Cottage cheese – 1 cup heaped

Curd – 2 tbsp

Condensed milk – 6 tbsp

Powder sugar – ½ cup

Thandai powder – 3 tbsp

China grass (powdered)- 3 ½ tbsp

Rose essence – few drops

Rose water – 1 tsp

Saffron essence – few drops


Take china grass strands , cut into small pieces then grind into powder.

 Soak the china grass powder in 1/4th cup of warm water for ½ an hour.

Take a loose bottom spring firm pan or a tart tin.

Spread a parchment paper on the base of the tin or spring firm or whatever you want to set your cake. Grease side of the pan well with little oil.

Take biscuit crumb in a bowl ,add melted butter, mix well.

Pour this crumb on the base and spread it evenly. Press the crumb using a back of the spoon.

Keep in refrigerator for 30 minutes, till it sets well.

In a food processor take crumble paneer and curd, blend it for 30 seconds.

Keep aside.

Now heat up the china grass soaked in warm water, boil till the china grass melts.

In a bowl beat the cream till soft peak. (it’s  a good idea to keep beater and the bowl in refrigerator for 20 minutes)

Add cottage cheese and curd mixture, powdered sugar, condensed milk, rose & saffron essence, rose water and beat it for 30 seconds more.

Now add  Thandai masala and strained china grass mixture. Beat it for 30-40 seconds.

Take out the spring firm from the refrigerator and pour this mixture over the settled biscuit crumb, spread it evenly .Then refrigerate  for 3-4 hours till it sets.

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Click here to get the recipe of Thandai masala.

Instead of china grass you can use 1 ½ tsp of gelatin.

i  made the below cake with gelatin few days back.take a look.

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