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The crunchy, creamy pumpkin bites are quite similar to cheesecake. The golden pumpkin beautiful bite just melt in mouth and carries a mild flavor. The chocolate sauce on the top adds a nice finishing touch.


These bites are easy and of course no fuss. This looks like a cheesecake but the ingredients are different. No gelatin , no china grass no Agar Agar used in it. The chocolate sauce on top are optional but I prefer using because it gives a good swirl effect and enhance the taste.


For base I used Oreo . But in case you don’t like Oreo you can replace those with marigold biscuits. For middle layer I have taken white chocolate to suit the black base of Oreo . How nice it would be to change the things up and serve??
When I made this dessert for first time, I feel its really amazing. So decided to make these bites again again.


For base ::

     Oreo sandwich biscuits – 15 no
Butter – 4 tbsp

For middle layer ::
Pumpkin puree – ¾ th cup
White chocolate – 1/2 cup
Condense milk – 5 tbsp
Banana – 1no
Powder of Cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg – 1/2 tsp

For topping ::
Finely sliced almonds
Chocolate syrup


Take a loose bottom pan. I don’t ve that’s why I took a square dish and spread parchment paper above it.
Start crushing the Oreos in a food processors or put the Oreos in a bag and roll with a rolling pin until they crumb.
Now add melted butter and mix with crushed Oreo. The mixture will be like wet sands .
And the mixture will get together. If not then add little honey to bind it.
Spread this mixture evenly on the top of the parchment paper.
Use a spoon to spread the mixture evenly.
Keep the tin in freezer for 10-15 minutes.

Now take a microwave proof bowl,take chopped white chocolate and little vegetable oil.
Microwave it for 1 minute.
Take it out and stir to break the lumps.
If the chocolate pieces are still remaining , then microwave it for 10 second more and stir again, till the chocolate melts completely.
Add condensed milk to the melted chocolate and again mix it with a help of a spoon.
If its turns little hard you can again microwave it for 5 second.
In another mixing bowl mix pumpkin puree, mashed banana and dry spice. Mix well.
Add this mixture to the chocolate mixture and stir the whole batter with a spatula.
Scrape the sides and of course the bottom, to ensure that everything is incorporated well.
The batter will be thick.
Pour this mixture on the cooled settled Oreo base and spread it evenly.
Again keep it in freezer for overnight.
You can take the tin anytime in between and pour chocolate sauce and swirl it.
Sprinkle sliced almond on top.
Keep in refrigetor till it completely sets.

After the whole settle, unmold when you are ready to serve.
If you are using loose bottom pan then it will be easier for you .
Otherwise carefully lift the parchment paper from the tin and keep it on a flat plate.
Cut into desired size and serve.




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