KhAja (jagannath mahaprasad)


Khaja or pheni is a type of baklava dessert.its juicy crispy and very very delicious. Its famous in the state of odisha ,bihar,Jharkhand and uttaar Pradesh. its one of the famous mahaprasad among the chappan bhog offered daily to lord jagannath. There is a city called khajapati in the dist of puri,which is popular for its crispy khajas.round and long two types of khajas are popular their.


Khaja is prepared and sold in odisha,AP,UP Bihar& Jharkhand. There is a place called Kakinada is Andha Pradesh,which is very popular for crispy khajas,that’s why in Andhra Pradesh its called Kakinada khaja.


Khajas are popular for its layer,its made out of layered dough,and then deep fried and lately dippen in sugar syrup. The thick sugar syrup coats the khajas and make them crispy .the inside of the layer is cooked evenly .khaja is dry from outside and juicy from inside.

After several unsuccessful attempt of doing this ,finally nailed it in the occasion of raksha bandhan.sharing this recipe with some tips so that it will be easy for the viewer .


For dough preparation ::

  1. All purpose Flour                               1 ½ cup
  2. Sooji                                                      1 tbsp
  3. Oil                                                          1/4th cup (for moyam)
  4. (warm)
  5. Salt                                                        2 pinches
  6. Oil                                                          for deep frying

For greasing ::

  1. Ghee                                                      4 tbsp
  2. Rice flour                                              4 tbsp


For sugar syrup ::

  1. Sugar                                                       1cup
  2. Water                                                      1cup
  3. Cardamom powder                              1tsp



  1. In a bowl add flour ,salt,sooji and mix well with your hand. Make a well in the center and add warm oil ,rub the oil with the flour for 1 -2 minute.
  2. Add water to it and start kneading into a dough.
  3. For khaja we need a hard dough so don’t over knead.
  4. Cover with a wet cloth and give rest  for 1 hour.
  5. PicsArt_1441805644295
  6. After one hour start with making sugar syrup.
  7. In a wide pan add water ,sugar and cardamom powder ,let it boil and thickens. make a one string consistency sugar syrup.
  8. After one hour add ghee and rice flour in a bowl and cream it with your hands.
  9. And keep aside. We will use it as a spread.
  10. In a wok heat oil for frying.
  11. Now take out the dough and divide it into two equal parts.
  12. Cover one part under the wet cloth and roll the another part  as thin as possible on a floured surface.
  13. PicsArt_1441805735003
  14. Spread the ghee rice flour mixture on the rolled dough and spread it with your finger tips.
  15. Now start rolling from one edges ensure that rolled should be tight.
  16. Apply little ghee rice flour mixture on the edges and seal it properly.
  17. Take a knife and start cutting from one side into ½” piece.
  18. PicsArt_1441805796305
  19. Take each piece slightly press it with your hands and rolled it lightly.
  20. Check the oil it should not be too hot or smoking should be medium hot for getting a good quality khaja.
  21. Carefully place few pieces of khaja in hot oil and start disturbing oil by waving the oil.
  22. Keep the flame low and fry till the khajas looks golden in colour.
  23. Take them out from oil and keep in a absorbent paper.
  24. Repeat with other prepared khajas.
  25. Repeat the step  12 to step 22  with another dough
  26. Check the sugar syrup before adding khaja.the sugar syrup should be warm.
  27. Add the fried khajas to the sugar syrup.and mix it with syrup.
  28. Leave it for 10-15 minutes and take them out.



  • Always keep the flame low while deep frying.
  • Creating waving the oil tends to open the layers of the kjhajas.
  • If you want khajs to be roundles then don’t roll it tightly.
  • It also can be deep fried without rolling. Press it with finger well and deep fry.
  • For greasing purpose rice flour can be substitute with normal all purpose flour or wheat flour.
  • i ve prepared long khaja..take a look for the variations.

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