Kadhai masala


IMG_20150928_150447Do you love the masalas prepared by your grand parents. Then you will definitely love this masala.
I am sharing here the preparation procedure of Kadai masala.
Kadai is a indian word which means wok. Kadai foods are very popular and delicious.
Kadai masala is prepared by roasting some dry spices,then blending these dry masalas into coarse powder.


When i was roasting this masala, my kitchen was filled with beautiful aroma.
Kadai powder is very useful in both veg and nonveg dishes. It is aromatic and used in various kadai dishes like kadai paneer, kadai mashroom, kadai chicken etc.
This prepared masala can be stored in a air tight containers for 3months.


  1. dry red chilies                      4-5 no
  2. coriander                               1 tbsp
  3. cumin                                     1 tsp
  4. cardamom                             3 no
  5. cinnamon                              1/2″ pc
  6. bay leaf                                  1 small
  7. pepper powder                    5-6 no
  8. Clove                                     4 no
  9. sounf                                     1/4 tsp
  10. Kastoori methi                    1/2 tbsp



  • Heat a wok or a pan. 
  • Dry roast coriander, cumin, sounf in low medium flame. When you get a nice aroma come out from the masala, take those out and keep these in a clean plate.
  • Again roast dry red chillies, cardamom, cinnamon,cloves, peppercorn,  bay leaf,  till its done.
    Take these out and mix it with previously roasted masalas.
  • Finally roast the dry fenugreek leaves or Kastoori methi.
  • Mix it with all the roasted masalas and cool it.
  • Grind these roasted masalas into coarse powder.
    Its done now.



  • Remove the seeds from the red chilies to reduce the spiceness.
  • These  dry spices can be roasted together.
  • Half of black cardamom can be added with the above ingredients.
  • Few people add fenugreek seeds with the masala.but I never add methi with kadai masala.
  • keep the masala in a airtight container .use within 3 month.

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