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mooli ka paratha

Mooli ka paratha

  Indian Flatbread !!! The word Indian Flatbread is little confusing as it contains many varieties. Chapati a.k.a roti or Phulka is the basic type of bread which is cooked in an open flame and puffed beautifully. This is very thin and no ghee/oil is added to it.     Paratha comes next to chapati […]

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Stuffed Capsicum / bell peppers stuffed with soya granules

    Stuffed capsicum are also known as Bharwa Shimla mirch or Bharawan Shimla mirch. Capsicum is also known as bell pepper so if you say it stuffed bell pepper then it won’t be wrong. Bell peppers are beautiful bell shaped vegetable. Which is stuffed and then cooked or baked.     The stuffing  used […]

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Cottage Cheese Pattie In Spinach Wrap

  Among the world’s healthiest vegetables, spinach comes at the top, because of its nutrient richness . The bright, vibrant looking spinach leaves are more nourishing and  a source of vitamins , minerals to the body. Spinach leaves are very appealing to eyes . the delicate and alive spinach leaves look very beautiful when they […]

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Woodapple serbat/woodapple panna/ bel panna/ bela pana

Happy Odiya new year to all the odiya people or Subha Nua Barsa. This is the famous day of odisha , popularly celebrated as Pana Sankranti or Maha Vishubha Sankranti… It is the first day of the month of Baisakha as well as the solar year. This is the day we celebrate as Hanuman Jayanti […]

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