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carrot kalakand

Carrot Kalakand

  Kalakand is no doubt an ultimate soul satisfying dessert. This is a well known dessert throughout India. This is also known as milk cake as it is made out of cottage cheese a.k.a chenna, which is collected from curdled milk.  wherever you go,Kalakand can be found with each and every sweet vendor of our […]

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strawberry mastani

Strawberry mastani

  Still  thinking what to prepare on valentine’s day ?  Not getting any good idea ? If you are looking for a rich dessert which is refreshing, yummy and takes a little time , then you are on a right place. This refreshing yummy dessert will be delightful treat for all .     This […]

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Eggless Cashew nut cookies

  Love to make cookies or love to distribute cookies among friends ??? then must try these golden goodies and distribute them among your dear ones. I bet, the person who will take  a little bite of it will definitely fall in love with it and can’t deny to have a second bite .   […]

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Chayote Halwa a.k.a Chow Chow Halwa

  Hello everyone. Today I am going to share a unique halwa recipe that is made out of chow chow(also known as chayote) . chayote  belongs to gourd family & that’s why this vegetable is also known as Indian squash. It  somehow look like pear and has a semi crisp texture. Its central core has […]

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Kajoo Katli

  Kajoo katli is popularly called as kajoo burfi. It is the best Indian dessert which is otherwise known as cashewnut fudge. It is considered as a royal indian sweet that takes a pride  position in most indian festival treats. It is very easy to make dessert and often gifted to friends and relatives during […]

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