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Kachories are crispy textured, deep fried savory pastry filled with spicy green peas.. Kachories, the name itself brings water in mouth. The crispy, flaky, deep fried snack which is admired  best street food among all.

Kachories are also known as Kachodi or Katchuri or Kachauri depending on the region. These are best as evening snack with a cup of tea or coffee. Also in some part of India Kachories  are served as a breakfast.

The kachori is considered as a  part of Raj Bhojan in Rajasthan & Gujurat. It is served with spicy chutney like  Green chutney or Red chilli chutney.


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Kachories are originated in Rajasthan but it is prepared and popular in some other part of India also like UP, Delhi, MP, Gujurat, West Bengol & Odisha.

Especially the green pea filled Kachories are prepared during the time of winter because the fresh green peas are prettily available in market. Even I too ,eagerly wait for the winter to prepare these green peas kachories. Though, I always store some green peas on the end of winter, but I never use frozen peas to make kachories. Fresh tastes best.

Khasta green peas kachories taste best when they served warm .khasta means crispy and the key to get crispy kachori is fry them over a low heat so that crust and inside of kachori cooked evenly.khasta kachories are time consuming but well, worth the effort.


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Kachories can also be filled with potato, lentils and many more stuffing varies from state to state. Nowadays kachories are stuffed with many more interesting and innovative stuffing.

But the outer cover remains the same -crispy, and flaky. Normally these are eaten warm and after cooling down it can be stored in a tight container  for 3-4 days.


For the dough we need :

All purpose flour – 1 ½ cup

  I take ( 1 cup whole wheat and half cup APF)

Oil –  3 tbsp

Curd – 2 tbsp

Cold water – for kneading

Baking powder – 1/8 th tsp

Turmeric powder (optional) – 2 pinches

Salt – as per taste

For stuffing :

Green peas – 1 1 /2 cup

Ginger green chilli paste – 3 tsp

Turmeric – 1/8 th tsp

Coriander powder – ½ tsp

Chat masala – 1/4th tsp

Amchoor powder – 1/4th tsp

fennel powder – 1/2 th tsp

Chilli powder – ½ tsp

Ani seeds – 1/8 tsp

Hing – 3 pinches

Roasted jeera powder – 1/8th tsp

Finely chopped Chopped coriander leaves – 1 tbsp

Black salt – ¼ th tsp

Salt – to taste

Lemon juice – few drops

Oil- for deep frying


In a bowl sieve flour, turmeric, salt, baking powder .

Add oil to the sived mixture and mix with fingers till they resembles like bread crumbs.

Add curd and little cold water. knead it.

Gradually add cold water and knead into a stiff dough not soft.

If dough will be soft , kachories will not be flaky so don’t knead much.

Cover it and rest it for an hour.

In the  mean time Prepare the stuffing.

Blanch the peas for 5 minutes .

Mash it with a help of potato masher or grind coarsely .keep aside .

Heat 2 tbsp oil in a pan add ani seeds, when they splutter add ginger green chilli paste,fry for a minute.

Add mashed peas, mix immediately. Add all the  maslas except coriander leaves.

Mix it well with the mashed peas.

Keep cooking this filling mixture till all the moisture evaporate.

Lastly, add chopped coriander leaves, lemon juice , mix once .

Cool the this mixture.

 Now its time to make the kachorise.

Heat enough oil to fry the kachories.

Divide the dough into 16 equal portion.

Divide the stuffing too.

Take one portion and roll it into small poori . put one portion of the stuffing in the center.

Apply water on the edges , bring all the edges together and seal it, twist the top to seal it properly.

Press the ball gently with your palm to flatten it, don’t flatten the edges much.

Otherwise , flatten each portion of the dough ,put stuffing in center, gather the edges together to  seal it.roll lightly don’t press much.

When you are making kachories, cover the rest of the dough, so that it won’t dry.

In the same manner make rest of the kachories.

Also after rolling kachories don’t rest it for more time, fry it immediately.

Check the oil, it should be hot, not smocking hot. If its too hot then turn off the flame for few minutes.

To check,Put a pinch of dough in the oil, it will come to the top, then oil is ready .

fry the kachories in hot oil, but don’t fry more than two.

And keep the flame low.

When one side turns nice golden brown turn it and fry the other site.

When both side turns golden brown , remove the kachories on kitchen towel or kitchen paper.

Fry the remaining kachories.

serve these kachories with green chutney.



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Cooking is my passion.i love to play with myriad tastes of spices . I belong to a odiya family by birth but marriade to a bengoli person.the crash of cultures between two families induced me to cook innovatively so as to make everyone happy.

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