Eggless creme caramel with orange flavour



A creamy and scrumptious dessert is very satisfying . I am introducing the rich , silky and creamy dessert made with caramelized sugar and cream. Its the best holiday dessert I have ever tasted. As the name says its creme caramel, so the dessert is all about caramelizing.


This is the Christmas time and all are making cakes & cookies. Truly I am not getting time to make cookies & cakes, that’s why I am sharing an easy dessert and I bet, it will be a Christmas to remember.



Not only for Christmas but it gives a nice complement to your dinner party also.

It looks so delicious and attract many people towards it. But people think it as a difficult dessert to make. But the method of preparation is unexpectedly simple and easy.

Once you make it, I am sure you will do it again and again. The words like WOW!!!,will cheer you after serving this dessert to your guests.


Crème caramel can be done in many ways. Choose whatever the method you like but the taste and the texture is always the same.

I normally do flan with milk eggs and sugar. Last time I shared a crème caramel recipe using eggs. I made that using coffee and custard flavors. The interesting part of this dessert is that any flavor can be added with it.


I got more n more reviews like ‘GREAT , GREAT ,GREAT ‘ on my previous flan recipe .whoever tried that recipe , they said that it was extra-ordinary & burst of flavors . I got so many request from my friends that we need an eggless version of crème of caramel.

I always make with milk ,curd and condensed milk, without adding any flavor with it. But this time I am going to surprise my followers , by giving it a different taste with the flavor of orange.

As this is the season of beautiful  oranges, I am going to infuse this flan with the awesome taste of oranges. It will be extra-ordinary too and will definitely give a mind blowing flavor to the caramel custard. Say it, season’s first orange caramel flan !!!!



When my family tried it, they said flan never tastes like this before. This was a big hit in my family. The great thing is if you have orange reduction ready then you just need only 30 minutes to prepare this. Just mix everything and bake. Kindly note, I never try it in steamer.

So lets start –


Milk – 1 cup

Curd – 1 cup

( preferably thick)

Condensed milk – ¾ th cup

Heavy cream – ½ cup

(I used whipping cream )

Custard powder – 2 tbsp

Cornflour – 3 tbsp

Orange zest – 2 1/2 tbsp

For making orange reduction ::

Orange juice – ¾ th cup

Sugar – 2 tbsp

For caramelizing –

Sugar –1/2 th cup

Water – 1 tbsp


Before starting ,keep in mind that Everything should be in room temperature.

Start preparing orange reduction.

Take orange juice and sugar in a small pan or pot.

Boil till the orange juice remains 3 tbsp of the original quantity. That means you need to reduce it till ¼ th of the quantity.

Keep aside and Cool it completely.

when you are ready to prepare the batter, Preheat the oven at 180c.

Take a aluminum pan or you too can take individual ramekins .

In a pan take sugar and water, stir continuously .

After few minutes you will see  the sugar starts bubbling and changes the colour to golden, take it out of the heat, pour the caramelize sugar in individual ramekins or cake tin,which you will use to make flan.

 swirl it around to spread the caramelized sugar on the entire base.

 Or you can caramel the sugar on the pot itself ,as I did.                            

Keep the tin aside and let it be cool.

Lets prepare the pudding batter.

I have used leftover milk which was already boiled and cooled.

So if you have fresh milk then boil it and wait for being slightly warm.

In a pan, add milk and custard powder. Whisk it well  to dissolve the custard powder completely.

Then add curd, condensed milk, heavy cream and 1 & ½ tbsp of orange zest to the above mixture.

Whisk it well. Add corn flour whisk all together.

Now sprinkle remaining orange zest on the cooled, caramelized sugar.

Again whisk the batter and pour on the baking tin.

Take a big baking tray, pour a glass of water and keep the baking tin/ramekins in between the water and bake it for 30-45 minutes at 180c.

After 20 minutes ,check the flan. Golden spots will appear on the top and when you insert a sewer or toothpick it will come out clean.

Mine takes exactly 30 minutes. Every oven take different time period for baking.




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