Colourful Layered Gujiya

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Gujjiya or Ghujiya or Ourukiya is a deep fried pastry filled with sweet filling.This sweet dumpling is made with all purpose flour and is stuffed with the mixture of roasted semolina, coconut,  mawa, dry fruits and powdered sugar  .

Gujiyas are fried in low medium flame to make it crispy. These can be prepared few days before Holi. It means it can be stored for 1-2 weeks.


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This sweet fried dumplings are usually made during the time of Holi. It is popular in UP,MP,Bihar & Rajasthan.

As Holi is the festival of colour ,it is celebrated in almost all parts of India. And without matri, gujiya, thandai , Holi is incomplete.



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I made this gujiyas little colourful & that it represent the mood of holi. Making a colourful, crispy gujjiya is the ideal way to show love and surprise your loved one.

So lets welcome Holi with the sprit of joy and excitement. Surprise your loved ones with the perfect holi hamper of colour & sweets. So lets start how to make crispy, layered gujiya.



For outer covering :-

All purpose flour – 1 cup

Semolina / sooji – ½ cup

Warm oil – 3 tbsp

Food colours – 2 drops of each colour


For filling :-

Mawa – ½ cup

Semolina – 1/4th cup

Freshly grated coconut – 3tbsp

Powder sugar – 4 tbsp

Chopped cashew – 1tbsp

Chopped almonds – 1tbsp

Chopped pistachio – 1 tbsp

Cardamom – 4 no


Misc ::

All purpose flour – 2 tbsp

Butter/oil/vanaspati – 2 tbsp



In a bowl take flour and semolina, mix with hands.

Add warm oil and rub with fingertips till they resemble like breadcrumbs.

Gradually add water  and make a stiff dough. Don’t knead much.

Divide the dough into 3 equal parts and add 2 food colours to two parts of dough .mix well.

Cover it and rest it for 1 hour.


Meanwhile lets prepare the stuffing.

Take out the pods from cardamom and powder it.

Roast the semolina and keep aside.

Roast the coconut , set aside.

You can roast mawa till they turns light brown, but I didn’t fry them.

Let the roasted thing be cool.

Then add all the stuffing ingredients. Mix well.

Take 2 tbsp of flour and 2 tbsp of vanaspati in a small bowl, cream it well and set aside.


After an hour take out the dough and roll each dough into thin chapattis.

On one roti apply oil flour mixture, spread evenly with your hands.

Then place another chapatti over it, again spread creamed oil flour mixture, place another chapatti over it. Press it again.

Then finally apple creamed mixture on the middle of the 3layered chapati and roll 3 together firmly to form a big roll. Keep it for 5 minutes.

Using a sharp knife, cut the roll in to small pieces, flatten each piece with palm.

Then roll each piece separately , make poori shape, place this within the gujiya mould, put tbsp of stuffing witin and close the mould and seal it properly.

Before frying Keep the prepared gujiya and unprepared ones covered .

Heat oil in a wide kadhai. When oil is warm, add one by one gujiya and deep fry the gujiyas in low- medium flame.fry till they done and slightly changes the colour.

take those out from oil.let it be cool and store in a container.


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