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Stuffed baby eggplant tamarind gravy

  I found Purple colour baby eggplants in market someday. .purchased a huge amount.made many recipes like salan,vareli baingan etc. This recipe was an experiment dish which turned perfect and tasty. Firstly I use this stuffed eggplants in spicy gravy but later I use tamarind gravy ,the taste was superb and touches the Heart of […]

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Doi Mach

Doi mach or fish in yogurt gravy is an authentic dish of Bengol. Bengol is a eastern state of India and boasts a very unique and rich cuisine quite different from other Indian food. Though it is a simple dish ,varies one bengoli home to other. This dish is prepared during festivals. My mother in […]

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Paneer Masala

  Butter masala dishes are originated from Punjab and its most popular recipes among all the cuisines of India. Paneer butter masala in all forms are almost a national favorite dish. Its the perfect combination of spices & creaminess. The rich creamy,buttery taste make this curry versatile. but this curry is quiye different..Paneer  masala is […]

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cashew nut makhana curry

Cashew nuts Makhana Curry

Phool makhana is the name given to popped lotus seeds used in Indian cooking. Makhana are also called fox nuts or gorgon plants. The lotus seeds has the bitter center core and the outer membrane are removed and is puffed ,just like popcorn. Extract from different parts of this water plant includes leaves,stem,root and seeds, […]

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Mango icecream (with milk)

The most aromatic and king of the fruits ‘mango’.  who doesn’t love it. In this summer Don’t just serve plain ice cream to your kids, serve some nutrients with it. Here is mango ice cream with goodness of milk.     Print Recipe Mango icecream (with milk) Course Dessert Prep Time 20 minute Cook Time […]

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