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Macher Tel Jhal ( garlic flavor fish curry )

  After a long time I am sharing a recipe using fish. Last time my doi mach recipe with mustard paste was a big hit. But this time I am sharing a regular curry recipe of my family. This quick making curry is named  as Tel Jhal by my mother in law.   Tel means […]

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Chicken Rasheela

  Grand maa is a special person in everyone’s life..she is like angel for us . She holds a special space in our heart. We still remember her love and affection. Her recipes and dishes are simply awesome. Do you love the dishes made by your grandmother????? Her dishes are always  special  with a loving […]

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chicken rezala


  Chicken rezala is a special beloved dish that hails from the classic city of Kolkata. This delicious chicken dish came to the city by the bawarchies of the Nawab of Lucknow. It is a royal dish that speaks about the Nawabi cuisines of Mughal Era. The highly rich dish is simply magical with its […]

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Dhaba Style Mutton Curry

  Dhaba is the  Indian name given to the road side restaurants. Usually the Dhabas are situated on the highway and generally serve local foods. In north India Dhabas are available in every 500 meter distance. They usually serve Punjabi foods, as  the foods are rich and spicy. The foods prepared in Dhabas are very […]

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Murg Makhani

Say it, Punjabi murg makhani or butter chicken or chicken butter masala . The rich, creamy dish prepared using chicken, is one of the famous traditional dishes in India.    Creamy, buttery chicken is always mouthwatering..  especially when served hot with NAAN and SALAD.. Diet conscious people always fail before its deliciousness. Butter chicken can […]

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