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Tomato Rice, the red colour , spicy , one pot pulao, that’s available as a street food in Mumbai. anyone can get Tomato rice easily in every pav bhaji stall . The taste of Tomato rice is very similar to bhaji, that available in each and every street in Mumbai.this pulao is originated in Mumbai. […]

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Full of nutrients, sorrel leaves give our bodies a punch of health. The leafy green vegetable, looks a lot like spinach. The sorrel leaves are originated from Europe and called as Spinach duck, Sour grab or Sour grass.  When I found sorrel leaves first time in market, I wonder what can I prepared with this […]

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Carrot Orange Pulao

CARROT PULAO WITH ORANGE JUICE:: The combination of carrot and oranges is very vibrant. It’s a 3 ingredients simple recipe that can be prepared in very less time & without fail. The awesome combination of fruit and vegetables ,  turns it into a very tasty pulao. Sometimes when you wake up in the morning , […]

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cashew nut makhana curry

Cashew nuts Makhana Curry

Phool makhana is the name given to popped lotus seeds used in Indian cooking. Makhana are also called fox nuts or gorgon plants. The lotus seeds has the bitter center core and the outer membrane are removed and is puffed ,just like popcorn. Extract from different parts of this water plant includes leaves,stem,root and seeds, […]

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SoYa cHuNk duM puLaO

Dum pukht food is all about aroma. It’s a process of slow cooking generally in a round, heavy bottomed pot. It is cooked sealed and over a very slow flame .This method is tapping the steam to retain the aroma and authentic flavor. Soya chunks are nutritious addition to any meal. Soya chunks are rich […]

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  Gram flour is also called Besan. This dumpling idea comes to mind when my mother in law prepared dhoka er dalna.dhoka is preapared by chana dal paste ,mixed with bhaja masala and steamed,then cutted into pieces and deep fried.i thought to make from gram flour when my hubby wanted to eat dhokaer dalan but […]

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