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Eggless lemon custard cake

I love this cake .its cointans the flavour of orange and custard powder.. Nowadays i am in love with custard powder. I am making lot of things with custard powder. INGREDIENTS ::   Refine flour – 1 CUP Powder Sugar – 3/4 th cup Curd – 1/4th cup Custard powder – 2 tbsp Butter /oil […]

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Eggless Raisins Cake

Eggless moist  raisins cake …moist means its really soft has a crunchy crust. No soda No curd No flax seeds used cake… Its a unique cake and cointains lot of raisins. INGREDIENTS :: Refine flour – 1 1/2 cup Baking powder – 3level tsp Margarine or oil – 1/2cup Sugar – 1/2cup Honey – 1level […]

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Eggless pumpkin Sponge Cake

  Pumpkin is everywhere now a days. So lets make some easy recipe using pumpkin puree. There are so many verity of pumpkins . I  found a golden pumpkin on Halloween but couldn’t make any dish .I made pumpkin puree and stored in deep freezer .now I am using that puree making the sponge cake. […]

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        Mango is the king of fruits and I just love mangoes. many versatile desserts can be made using mangoes. I can eat these in any form. I know mangoes are universal favorite fruit.  After successful attempt to my mango cake , thought to try a cup cake version. This cupcake is […]

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stuffed buns

This is my no fail receipe.thees are soft and fluffy  buns.I stuffed it with mashroom but it can be replaced with any of favourite stuffing.. INGREDIENTS :: All purpose flour               3cups Instant yeast                      3 & 1/4tsp Whey   […]

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Eggless Orange cupcakes

  Orange is filled of vitamin c, has a lovely aroma and taste too. Add orange juice to any cake it ll enhance the taste..     INGREDIENTS :: 1. All purpose Flour                1cup 2. Baking powder                    1/2tsp 3. […]

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Eggless Plum cake

  I have some plum left with me. Nobody wants to eat that. Thought to make a cake. i will not say i aahave made a chocolate cake with plum, i have added few cocoa powder to enhance the taste..believe me taste was awesome. My daughter is nowadays have allergy with eggs and curd, that’s […]

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