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Eggless cherry cupcakes

  Do you love beautiful , red cherry ?? i am crazy about cherries ! I keep buying them with the idea that i will make some good dishes using them, but by the time I am ready to use them,  they are gone again !     Cherries are so beautiful and a clear […]

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Sweet Apple Tarts

  Carbohydrate or carb is a major macronutrient and one of our body’s primary source energy. Carbs are an energy source in food that comes from stratch, sugar and cellulose.     Complex carbohydrates are found in foods such as peas, beans, whole grains, and vegetables. Both simple and complex carbohydrates are turned to glucose […]

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cherry shortbread cookie

  Shortbread cookies are extremely easy to make. No fuss , no extra ingredients needed, just with few basic ingredients the wonderfully delicious shortbread cookies can be prepared. These are egg free and baking powder, baking soda free. When I saw cherries off season, I could not stop myself to pick them up.  I rush […]

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potato stuffed masala bun

Potato stuffed masala buns

  Nowadays things  aren’t that healthy when purchased from the market. It is always best to make everything at home. Atleast you know that your near and dear ones are not having anything unhealthy. That’s why baking at home is a good option rather than buying some unhealthy dishes from local bakery shop.     […]

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Dimpled Plum Cake

After the king of fruits, it is the season of beautiful, red plums. I picked them from nearest departmental store . They were placed in a wide wooden bowl and was looking very beautiful. I couldn’t stop myself  picking them .   Last year when I got fresh  plums , I made eggless plum cake. […]

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Lemony Snowball cookies

      Who loves to make cookies, I do. I bake cookies once in a week. Because my kid loves to have cookies. A serious concern nowadays is how our eating habits can affect our health. That’s why keeping a good food habit is very necessary .  I never let my kid to eat […]

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Whole wheat walnut cake

  Good eating habits are the key in maintaining and improving our health . Of course, staying active plays an important role in our life, but eating the wrong kind or quantity of food could jeopardize our health. Therefore, having good eating habits are far more important than just staying active to maintain a healthy lifestyle. […]

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Pizza from scratch

    There is no other food that will delight, elate, or energize me as pizza does. The cheesy , yummy , tangy pizza is simply out of the world. It truly taste wonderful when you take its first bite and all the flavor of sauce, cheese and seasoning go rushing towards your tasty buds. […]

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