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chocolate fudge

White Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge

  Hello all. I am posting something after a long gap. During this period I missed you all, your feedback, comments , my camera and my blog. I am trying to be regular . As Christmas is around the corner I could not stop myself from sharing something.     In this busy schedule , […]

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Eggless Chocolate mousse

  We all are very aware about mousse. Mousse means foam in french. Mousse is thick , creamy ,light and fluffy. It is incorporated with air and become light and airy. The fluffiness come from whipped cream or egg white used in this. The mousse is stabilized with gelatine or china grass. Mousse can be […]

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Quick microwave chocolate fudge

Sometimes some quick preparations yield the richest and yummiest result. Yes I am talking about the rich and classy, melt in mouth type chocolate fudge. The silky dark chocolate fudge pieces make classic petites.  I always try to keep my recipes simple , so I choose this gooey  4 ingredients chocolate fudge, which won’t take […]

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Bounty Balls

  This is not the first time I am preparing something with dark chocolate. But for my blog this is my first recipe using chocolate. This idea comes to my mind when I participated in a Facebook group event. I was given the chocolate as the main ingredient and the time was too short. I […]

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