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Gooseberry (Amla) Jam

  Amla or Indian Gooseberry is prettily available in India during winter. It’s one of the fruits that packs many health benefits. Amla juice contains nearly twenty times as much vitamin C as orange juice and helps to enjoy a healthier life.   Ayurveda says that regular use of amla leads one to live more […]

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Pumpkin Puree

whether you are ,making pumpkin cake ,pumpkin scones ,pumpkin bread , pumpkin bars or pumpkin pie pumpkin puree is doubt pumpkin puree is also available in market .but i prefer making at home. yes, you can cook pumpkin and make all kinds of wonderful treats.if you want to make pie then choose a sugar […]

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Bounty Balls

  This is not the first time I am preparing something with dark chocolate. But for my blog this is my first recipe using chocolate. This idea comes to my mind when I participated in a Facebook group event. I was given the chocolate as the main ingredient and the time was too short. I […]

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Kadhai masala

  Do you love the masalas prepared by your grand parents. Then you will definitely love this masala. I am sharing here the preparation procedure of Kadai masala. Kadhai is a Indian word which means wok. Kadhai foods are very popular and delicious. Kadhai masala is prepared by roasting some dry spices,then blending these dry […]

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Homemade Condense Milk

    Condensed milk is just reduction of milk and sugar until its thickens. Nowadays Condensed milk is the important part of preparing cooking and baking.  Using condensed milk  so many varieties of dishes can be prepared. I always prefer homemade condense milk because of its preservative free, hygienic and cheaper than market. In many […]

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