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Ramdan is not a day , it’s a holy month. It is the 9th month of Hijra calendar i.e. Islamic junar calender. Ramdan is believed to be the  month , when the Qur’an was gifted from heaven serving as guidance for all people, a means of salivation & declaration of direction.

Every year, Muslims  take an entire month out of their lives to observe this strict fast and redirect themselves towards worship and faith.

On this holy month every Muslim around the world spend the whole day in a complete fast, even they don’t drink a drop of water right from dawn till dusk.



Ramdan is en marked for all muslims to fast together, to ensure similar result , turning individual into collective. Muslims are called upon to use this holy month to re-evaluate their lives in the light of Islamic guidance. They believe Fasting is also to attain nearer & close  to god so that god will be the reality of their lives.



In the holy month of Ramdan muslims have their meals twice a day i.e pre-dawn meal and meal at dusk. Qatayef or katayef or Atayef, is an Arab dessert usually made during the time of Ramdan. It can be describe as velvety spongy pancake pocket  stuffed with nuts or cream.


Usually the nut stuffing is a mixture of powdered walnuts ,cinnamon powder, powder sugar and orange blossom water. Otherwise the popular and lip smacking cheese stuffing can be filled in the pancakes. The cheese stuffing is known as Astha. Astha filling pancakes are truly divine, and the result do not  disappoint in the least. I am sure it will make everyone drool.


fried atayef


Astha is a special cheese i.e. non salted cheese that is only available in middle east countries. It is made out of milk, semolina, cream sugar and cornflour.

As astha is not available in India ,  so here the alternative method of  making cheese mixture shared by my friend Meenaz Surve. When I saw her  cheese stuffing recipe I ran into my kitchen and made Atayef. She baked the Atayef and soaked it in sugar syrup.



There are wide variation on Atayef . Few have these without deep frying, few want it baked, when few love to have this with sugar syrup. Again sugar syrup can be flavored with rose water or lemon rind or orange rind.

So here I am sharing, fried version, non fried version and baked version (by meenaz surve) .

So here we start this delicious Atayef.




 For pancakes ::

All purpose flour – 1 cup

Semolina – 1/4th cup

Instant yeast – 1/4th tspB

Baking powder – 1/2 tsp

Oil/ butter – 1 tbsp

Sugar – 3 tsp

Rose water/ orange blossom water –  1 tbsp

Water(warm) – 1 ½ cup to 3/4th cup


ASTHA (cheese stuffing) ::

Cottage cheese – 1 cup

Milk – 1 cup

Rose water – 1 tsp

Cornflour – 4 tbsp

Sugar – 4tbsp

Cream – 2 tbsp

Butter – 2 tbsp


For sugar syrup :

Sugar – 1 cup

Water – 1 cup

Lemon juice – ½ tsp

Lemon/ orange rind – of one orange/ lemon






For pancakes::

Combine 1/4th  cup of  warm water, sugar and yeast in a bowl , whisk so that sugar dissolves in water. Then add rest of the ingredients , with another 1 cup of warm water, mix well and make a lumps free batter. The batter should be a pour-able batter, if not then add water to adjust the consistency.

Cover the bowl and rest it in a warm place for an hour.


Stuffing ::

In between the resting time lets prepare stuffing .

Combine milk, crumble cottage cheese, corn flour &  sugar in a pan.

Cook on medium flame till the mixture thicken, add rose water, mix once. Switch off the flame.

Add butter to it and stir it.

Let it be cool, then whisk this on high speed for 4 – 5 minutes the mixture turns smooth.

Add cream and mix well. Keep aside.


Sugar syrup ::

Prepare sugar syrup (if making) by adding sugar , water ,lemon juice and rind in a sauce pan. Boil in medium flame till the syrup turns little sticky while touching. Set aside.


Pancakes ::

Check the batter after an hour it should be bubbly ,by this time.

Lets prepare pancakes.

Take a pan, I used a dosa tawa and made 3 pancakes at a time

Grease the tawa with little oil pour 2-3 tbsp of batter and wait till bubbles appears on the pancakes. Keep the flame medium.


When top of the pancakes seems dry, that means pancakes are done.

Don’t flip the pancakes, remove from flame and keep the pancakes covered so that they don’t dry out.

Repeat the procedure with remaining batter .



Assembling Atayef::

Take one pancake and spoon little astha in the centre.

Fold the pancakes into semi circles (like half moon) and press the edges together to seal properly.

Repeat with remaining pancakes.

You can seal half of the pancake and keeping little portion open, sprinkle pistachio powder on the astha and have like this. You can also drizzle some sugar syrup on the top and can serve (like first picture).


Frying ::

Heat enough oil in a wide pan and drop prepared Atayef one bye one in hot oil.

Fry till the Atayef turns nice golden in colour.

Soak the Atayef in sugar syrup and enjoy.

you also can have these Atayefs without adding any sugar syrup.


Baking ::

Preheat the oven at 200c for 10 minututes.

Arrenge the Atayefs on a greased tin , brush the prepared Atayef with oil, bake for 25  minutes.

Turn sides after 15 minutes.

Deep the warm Atayef in sugar syrup and enjoy.



deep fried atayef without any sugar syrup


This Atayef recipe is going to be a part of #foodiemonday #bloghop with the theme #ramdaanspecial


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  1. Loved the interesting piece of information about the Atayef you have shared Shibi! The tangy sugar syrup with flavours of the lemon rinds being poured sounds too tempting.

    1. Believe me is such a unique recipe n very different.the creamy stuffing is very delicious..made it first time and within 20 minutes all the pieces are varnished…

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