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Mango Shrikhand – Amrakhand

  Mango shrikhand or Amrakhand is creamy,  silky smooth,  sweet, refreshing and cold dessert. This luscious & indulgent dish is a sure winner for mango lovers.     Amrakhand is a simple recipe using minimal ingredients. No fancy ingredients are used, but still Amrakhand is fluffy, creamy and melt in mouth. Mango puree makes the […]

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Dhokla is a nutritious Indian food,from the state of gujarat. Dhokla is full of protein and makes a complete meal. In gujurat ,dhokla is served as a breakfast or as a main meal or as a snack. Dhokla  is found in sweet shop as a snacks,they served it with some chutney. dhokla is also available […]

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sooji oat uthapam

Uthapam is a south Indian dish.. Which is served as a snack. I make it for my kid who doesn’t want to have sooji. Sooji or semolina is a good source of carbohydrate and oat is a good source of fiber. INGREDIENTS ::  Sooji                       […]

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