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  Mangoes are making their appearance every where. As the mangoes are full in season. Even road side vendors are selling lot of dessert using mango pulp. So lets prepare something interesting creamy , yummy mango dessert. Lets prepare mango falooda. If you know how to prepare basic falooda   , then mango falooda is adding […]

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    Is summer  all about chilled beverages, ice tea and cheesecakes. Naahhhhh… summer is the time of vacation and  delicious raja of fruits . Vacation means kids are at home .Summer may be a time to relax, but tell that to kids who are bouncing off the walls or shrieking “I’m bored” . So […]

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Mango Shrikhand – Amrakhand

  Mango shrikhand or Amrakhand is creamy,  silky smooth,  sweet, refreshing and cold dessert. This luscious & indulgent dish is a sure winner for mango lovers.     Amrakhand is a simple recipe using minimal ingredients. No fancy ingredients are used, but still Amrakhand is fluffy, creamy and melt in mouth. Mango puree makes the […]

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Aam panna – Raw mango cooler

    To bring some respite from the summer heat make some chill beverages  which will bring relief to body and mind . Indian summers are extremely hot , to deal with these hot summer days, I am sharing a very interesting, healthy exotic refreshing Indian Summer drink made from Mangoes.     Aam panna […]

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Mango frooty – homemade mango frooti

    How about home made mango frooti !!!! I am on cloud 9 today after nailed homemade frooti. say it frooty or mazaa, it tastes heavenly.     Footy is available in everywhere in the form of packaged or bottled beverage. Taking a bite of chilled frooti in this hot hot summer is totally […]

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  Margarita is a Mexican cocktail, and it is the national drink of Mexico. Margarita consist of Tequila , Triple sec, Lemon or Lime juice. Cocktails are alcohol based drink, but why to take cocktails when you can enjoy the same  drink without adding alcohol  to it. This is the virgin version of the classic […]

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MANGO RASMALAI – A Tribute to Mother

    Mothers hold a very special place in our heart. From  day one , Mums have cared for everything we need. Even if she is hungry , Mums have always been happy to give us more than our share, just to see a sweet smile on our face. We many learn to eat and […]

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Mango phirni / Mango Phirni

Mango phirni or Aam ki Phirni is tasty and one of the best tasting, fruit based , traditional Indian dessert. The Punjabi dessert phirni is prepared with milk, rice flour and sugar. But mango phirni is made by adding aam ras or ground mango puree to the basic phirni recipe.   It is one of […]

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