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Roasted Plum Ice Cream with dash of cinnamon.

plum ice cream

Someone has rightly said that ice cream can swing your mood to be better in no time. Any party or pot luck, specially in kids party ice cream is the center of attraction.A sweet smile comes to everyone’s face when a gigantic spoon of ice cream melt in mouth. Having  ice cream anytime during a day is like coping with any bad situation.


plum ice cream
plum ice cream


If you really want to serve some goodness to your kids then always add fresh fruits in basic ice cream recipe. Don’t hesitate add any fruit that laying in your fridge.either add chopped fruits or else make puree then add .

plum ice cream


After making a lot of recipes using plum I used few red plums in making Ice cream. Being a new blogger I always try to make the best use of seasonal fruits. This time I am sharing a different recipe . this is a whole new level of deliciousness and perfect treat for this weekend.


plum ice cream


For modifying the taste,  this time I roasted the fresh plums directly on gas flame. And I am really happy that the delicious and creamy Ice cream is from my own kitchen. No store brought ice cream can give such deliciousness like the homemade one can give.

plum ice cream

All knows that plum with cinnamon flavour work great together during colder months. Especially cinnamon powder tastes great with roasted plums. This ice cream is extra creamy, extra delicious roasted plum ice cream with the dash of cinnamon.and remember no condensed milk is used here. so Lets prepare.




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Roasted Plum Ice Cream with dash of cinnamon
Course Dessert
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 16 hours
Course Dessert
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 16 hours
  1. Roast 8 no of plums directly on gas flame.
  2. Cool them and carefully remove the burnt skin from the plums.discard the seeds.
  3. Puree the plum using a mixter grinder, pass through a sieve.
  4. In the mean time place a bowl and the beater in refregerator for 20 minutes.
  5. Combine plum puree and 1/2 cup of sugar in a heavy bottom pan .
  6. Transfter the pan to gas flame and boil it.
  7. Stir continuously and cook the puree till it reduces to half in quantity.
  8. Again take a pan , combine milk and skimmed milk powder.
  9. Switch on the gas and cook in low flame by stiring continuously.Otherwise this may stick bottom of the pan.
  10. Cook till it become a thick paste. Let it be cool.
  11. Take out the bowl and beater from refregerator.
  12. Start beating the cream in high speed till it form soft peak.
  13. Add thickened milk paste, reduced plum puree, vanilla essence, cinnamon powder .
  14. Beat for 30 second more so that everything is combine well.
  15. Transfer this paste into a air tight cointainer.
  16. Freeze it for 4 hour, till the ice cream is half set.
  17. Don’t forget to set the refregerate tempeture to high.
  18. After 4 hour roast reast of the plums and discard the seeds.
  19. Puree the plums with sugar . strain it.
  20. Take out the icecream from the cointainer, blend it in a blender.
  21. Again whip the plum puree with the blended icecream.
  22. Freeze it again for 8-10 hours or till the icecream sets well.
  23. Enjoy the fresh plum icecream drizzled with chocolate sauce.
Recipe Notes


  1. add sugar according to the sweetness of plums.
  2. skimmed milk powder can be replaced with normal milk powder.
  3. always strain the puree before using.

plum ice cream


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Cooking is my passion.i love to play with myriad tastes of spices . I belong to a odiya family by birth but marriade to a bengoli person.the crash of cultures between two families induced me to cook innovatively so as to make everyone happy.

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