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Kadhai masala

  Do you love the masalas prepared by your grand parents. Then you will definitely love this masala. I am sharing here the preparation procedure of Kadai masala. Kadhai is a Indian word which means wok. Kadhai foods are very popular and delicious. Kadhai masala is prepared by roasting some dry spices,then blending these dry […]

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Ulundu Bonda

Mysore bondas or ulundu bondas are popular urad dal snacks belonging to the Mysore cuisine .The Mysorean Brahmins don’t take onion & garlic ,so these bondas are from mysore Brahmin culinary tradition and therefore contains neither onion nor garlic. These bondas are quite similar to medu vadas, except some ingredients and its shape. In one […]

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4 minute microwave besan ladoos

Who doesn’t love ladoos. I love ladoos,infact ladoos are delicious. Ladoos are popular in India .these are ball shaped sweets,made out of flour,sugar ,oil(clarified butter) with some flavouring. Common flour which are using ladoos are, Gram flour or Chickpea flour. Ladoos are so many types like Poha ladoos, Rawa ladoos, Coconut ladoos, Oat ladoos ,mootichoor […]

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kashi halwa

  Udupi special kashi halwa,a special traditional dish from  Karnataka. Few days back I went to a marriage function and tasted this halwa there. The most delicious halwa with tempting colour. This halwa was made of ash gourd. In Karnataka its called kashi halwa and made for special occasions like wedding and festivals. Ash gourd,also […]

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cashew nut makhana curry

Cashew nuts Makhana Curry

Phool makhana is the name given to popped lotus seeds used in Indian cooking. Makhana are also called fox nuts or gorgon plants. The lotus seeds has the bitter center core and the outer membrane are removed and is puffed ,just like popcorn. Extract from different parts of this water plant includes leaves,stem,root and seeds, […]

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long khajas

khajas are of two types ,short and round,another one is long and juicy. these long khajas are extremely delicious and lip smacking. the only difference is the shape. take a looks on round khajas ,i have preapared on rakhsha bandhan.the layers are long are looks very beautiful.     INGREDIENTS :: For dough preparation :: […]

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Khaja (Jagannath Mahaprasad)

  Khaja or pheni is a type of baklava dessert.its juicy crispy and very very delicious. Its famous in the state of odisha ,bihar,Jharkhand and uttaar Pradesh. its one of the famous Mahaprasad among the Chappan bhog offered daily to lord Jagannath. There is a city called Khajapati in the dist of Puri,which is popular […]

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SoYa cHuNk duM puLaO

Dum pukht food is all about aroma. It’s a process of slow cooking generally in a round, heavy bottomed pot. It is cooked sealed and over a very slow flame .This method is tapping the steam to retain the aroma and authentic flavor. Soya chunks are nutritious addition to any meal. Soya chunks are rich […]

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