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Avocado smoothie

    Are you looking for a quick , healthier smoothie which is delicious in taste and takes a lil time to prepare. Then you are in right place. Today I prepared best ever smoothie. Even this is not to be called smoothie at all. But I didn’t find any interesting name for this delicious […]

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pineapple mojito

Virgin Pineapple Mojito

  Hello all. I know I am writing a post after a long gap. First time I am facing the heat of Tamilnadu, it’s so hot. Even I want to take a long gap till the heat is reduced a bit. It’s really irritable. Kid’s vacations are also going on, they make summer even funnier. […]

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    Lychee is another type of  tropical fruit and otherwise known as Lichi or Litchi. It is a wonderful fruit and has a unique taste. It tastes best when consumed fresh. Its flesh is white in colour and it has only one single seed. Lychee has a distinct and unique aroma.     Ofcourse […]

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    I believe summer is the best time for enjoying smoothies and juices. In summer ,body become dehydrated and it needs some fruit  juices or smoothies, which will provide energy to the body. Apart from being energetic summer  is also perfect time to enjoy seasonal fruits.     In summer mangoes, grapes, pineapple,lychee , […]

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