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Summer Fruit base Coolers by Healthy WELLthy

    This summer is not only hot, but also unbearable. Sun is in full bloom and as usual we are looking for some options to refresh ourselves . what can be better than a cool drink which will chill you up in this warm summer days.  Do some creative twist with regular fruits, beat […]

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pineapple mojito

Virgin Pineapple Mojito

  Hello all. I know I am writing a post after a long gap. First time I am facing the heat of Tamilnadu, it’s so hot. Even I want to take a long gap till the heat is reduced a bit. It’s really irritable. Kid’s vacations are also going on, they make summer even funnier. […]

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mango agua fresca

Mango Agua Fresca

      Finally summer is here. The best thing I love about summer is Mango. Fresh, golden ripe mangoes are universally favorite. Mangoes can be seen everywhere.  If you have mangoes and feeling hot n depressed, then must try Mango Agua Fresca , A refreshing drink which will quench your thirst very fast.   […]

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Kiwi Agua Fresca

    The month of  February is almost over. By this time we should feel cold but it’s hotter than previous year. The summer has arrived earlier than expected. The same heat with lot of Humidity.     Lot of fresh fruits are available at market. It’s better to have fruits in raw form instead […]

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Jamun cooler / Black Plum cooler

Jamun  or black plum is  popularly known as java plum . This is a seasonal nutritious fruit found in India in between the month of July and September. The fruit is of significant importance in Hindu mythology. That’s why in India, Jamun is referred to as the ‘Fruit of God’. According to hindu mythology during […]

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    I believe summer is the best time for enjoying smoothies and juices. In summer ,body become dehydrated and it needs some fruit  juices or smoothies, which will provide energy to the body. Apart from being energetic summer  is also perfect time to enjoy seasonal fruits.     In summer mangoes, grapes, pineapple,lychee , […]

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